User Obligations

By using the Services, User agrees to abide by the below obligations:

Accuracy: To provide complete and accurate information while registering on the Website/Application and to contact and intimate the Company in writing (e-mails permitted), if there is any change in such information. Further, User must not impersonate any other person (whether living or dead).

Confidentiality: To maintain confidentiality of the User’s account details and be responsible for any use of the Services through the User’s account.

Ownership: User shall ensure that the copyrights in the Published Works uploaded are fully owned by the User or validly assigned/ licensed to, that the Published Works are original, and that the Published Works do not violate any rights of any third-party including without limitation the patent, trademark, copyright, other proprietary rights or any personal/personality rights of any third-party.

Guidelines and Policies: To adhere to Content Guidelines (included herein below) and all other policies and guidelines published by the Company anywhere on the Website/Application including at the Policy and Safety guidelines with respect to the use of the Website/Application.

Reproduction: To not reproduce any Content from the Website/Application and publish it on any other platform or medium without authority or prior written permission from the Company, whether for commercial gain or otherwise.

Permissions: Allow the Company to do the following till the User’s account exists or till the User’s Published Works are published on the Website/Application, whichever is earlier:

  1. Publicly display their name/username to attribute the Published Works uploaded on the Website/Application; and
  2. adapt, publish, reproduce, process, modify the Published Works, publicly perform and display the User’s Published Works and any name, username or likeness provided in connection with such Published Works, on a non-exclusive basis, for the purpose of distributing, disseminating, transmitting the Published Works and such derivatives on any mode, medium or through any distribution method worldwide, including those which
    may come into existence in the future in relation to the Website/Application/Services and for the marketing and promotion of the Services and/or Published Works through any social media handle and/or channel of the Company and/or through any third party channels. It is hereby clarified that the Company’s right to market and promote includes the right to create snippets of the Published Works and/or combine the Published Works
    and/or such snippets of the Published Works with works of other authors on the Website/Application and create and publish lists of top authors on the Website/Application in the manner as the Company deems fit.

Illegal Activities: Not use the Services to perform any illegal activities nor solicit the performance of any illegal or any activity which leads to violation of third party’s rights.

Virus: To not upload any material which contains software viruses, or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource used to provide the Services.

Non-Solicit: To not advertise or solicit any products or services, including offers with respect to a User’s Published Works in any manner on the Website/Application, including by publishing such messages as Published Works or through the Features available on the Website/Application.

Spam: To not approach or target Users with any communication in any manner, including in the form of Published Works or through the Features, which are in the nature of spamming and with an intention to cause the Users to remove their Published Works from the Website/Application or to on-board the Users and/or their Published Works onto other content platforms or to initiate conversation with Users for the foregoing.


  1. Not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Website/Application;
  2. Not disrupt or breach the security or authentication measures or circumvent the navigational structure, with respect to the Website/Application or the network;
  3. Not use any manual or automated software, devices or other processes to “crawl” or “spider” any part of the Website/Application;
  4. d)Not to use cheats, exploits, automation, software, bots, hacks, or any unauthorized third-party software to modify or interfere with the Services or in any manner to gain undue advantage from the Services or features; and
  5. Not place an unreasonable burden on the Company’s infrastructure.

Unfair Conduct: Not engage in any unfair conduct such as using unauthorized means to gain Earnings or My Coins or misuse any of the programs offered on the Website/Application or engage in any other fraudulent/wrongful activity on the Website/Application.

Access: To access and use the Services solely for the User’s personal and non-commercial purposes, except as allowed on the Website/Application, and to not access the Website/Application or obtain the Content through any means other than as permitted.

User Data: Not trace any information pertaining to another User or exploit any such information, including storing and collecting the same.

Trademark and Design: To not use, misuse or misappropriate the trademark “Thapasvi” any logo or any design of the Website/Application, which are owned/used by the Company for any unauthorized purpose.

Non-disparagement: Not do any act which might bring the Company, the Website/Application into public disrepute.

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